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Welcome to the LIFE IN THE DEAD ZONE: THE DOCUMENTARY ABOUT CHORNOBYL blog which will feature brief updates of our film production and related topics.

As part of our fundraising efforts to continue filming LIFE IN THE DEAD ZONE, our documentary about the elderly survivors still living in the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone, we created an award-winning short film using some of our footage from previous shoots called EPIPHANY AT CHORNOBYL (music by the extraordinary Mariana Sadovska and Kitka Women’s Vocal Ensemble —more about them in an upcoming post). EPIPHANY AT CHORNOBYL was screened at fundraisers, film festivals and other public events generating more interest in Chornobyl because of the immense audience reaction and impact of our short film.

I mention this because the earliest screenings of EPIPHANY AT CHORNOBYL were held at the Global Peace Film Festival in Winter Park, FL where it was shown twice: in 2008 for the Peace Pitch Panel (along with Nelson Betancourt’s documentary in progress, CANNIKAN’S WAKE—more about that project in yet another blog) on films dealing with nuclear issues that was presented to Rollins College students; and then in 2009 where it was an official selection of the Global Peace Film Festival.

EPIPHANY AT CHORNOBYL is a 17 minute short about one of the elderly women still living in the forbidden and contaminated Chornobyl Exclusion Zone near the devastated nuclear power plant, and where she celebrates the feast day of Epiphany, the Eastern Orthodox holy day in which water is blessed. The Orthodox believe that all water is purified when blessed –even the waters of Chornobyl.

Exposure in film festivals like Global Peace enables a forum for serious topics and issues that are timely, important and thought provoking. We are grateful to Nina Streich, Executive Director of the Global Peace Film Festival and everyone there for continuing this great festival of films and hosting it in Winter Park, Florida and for allowing us the chance to showcase EPIPHANY AT CHORNOBYL.

Among the fabulous selections at this year’s Festival (Sept. 20-25) three will include issues of nuclear energy:
“Atomic Mom” is an intimate portrait of the only female scientist present during atomic detonations in the Nevada desert who goes through a crisis of conscience.
• Robert Frye examines the story of nuclear weapons in his film “In My Lifetime.”
“Into Eternity” explores the complex issues of storage of high-level radioactive waste created by nuclear power plants.

For more information about the Global Peace Film Festival visit:

And if you or your organization would like to host a screening of EPIPHANY AT CHORNOBYL and selections from our longer film-in-progress, LIFE IN THE DEAD ZONE (about the about the elderly survivors in the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone), please contact me at

Meanwhile I will be in touch about our next film shoot in the Zone. Thanks for listening.

Irene Zabytko (Producer, Co-Director, Writer)

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